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Sheet Metal in Santa Barbara

Never worry about your roof again!

Metal roofs professionally installed by Joel Grusinski, licensed contractor and President of Joel's Roofing & Rain Gutter Co Inc. come with a lifetime labor and material warranty.

More about our Metal Roofs
We supply and install sustainable metal roofing systems, and sell metal roofing materials for residential homes and commercial projects in Santa Barbara and throughout the central coast. We offer fully interlocking metal shingles, standing seam metal roof systems, copper, zinc, terne, tin, stainless steel and titanium sheet metal roofing systems. All metal roofs we install are considered green; they reflect solar radiant heat, reduce your cooling costs and are fully recyclable.

Metal Roofing Installation - Materials and Worksmanship
When we work on your roof, Joel's Roofing & Rain Gutter Co Inc. treats your home with dignity, respect and attention to detail. We use only proven metal roofing materials and installation methods. We provide great service at reasonable prices, lifetime of quality, and an unmatched warranty.

Our Service
Joel's Roofing & Rain Gutter Co Inc. provides metal roofing installation services to homeowners and businesses in Santa Barbara and throughout the Central Coast. We offer a wide selection of metal roofing profiles including aluminum shingles, steel roofing panels, standing seam roofing, and stone coated tiles. We can also supply and install custom metal roofs.

In addition, we install related metal roofing, rain gutter and other metal products such as Copper, Rheinzink, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Coated Steel, Corten Steel, VM Zink, Lead Coated, Galvanized, Bonderized, Leader heads, Chimney Shrouds/Caps and Saddles. 

We also do Metal Siding, Window & Door Pans, Roof Flashings, Scuppers & Overflows, Weathervanes, Finials, Rain chains, Rain Barrels, Sump Pumps, Ground Drainage, French Drains, Dormers, Gable vents, Bay Window Roof Tops, Exterior Beam Copings, and Radius Rain Gutters.

In addition, Joel's Roofing & Rain Gutter Co Inc., has also installed Residential or Commercial Kitchen Counter Tops-Copper or Stainless Stee - Standing Seam, and Skylights. We do Shingles, Siding Repair, Shingle Repair, Solar Roofing, Wood Siding, Vented Ridge work,Rafter tails, Fascia and Foam Insulation.

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We'll be happy to send out our friendly and knowledgeable estimators to help you assess your metal roofing or custom sheet metal needs.  Call Joel's Roofing & Rain Gutter Co Inc. today at (805) 563-8970 or Click Here to fill out our easy Estimate Request Form.