Santa Barbara's Best

Roofing and Rain Gutter Co

Joel's Roofing & Rain Gutter Co Inc. has been serving the Santa Barbara area since 2004.  We are a professional roofing, rain gutter & sheet metal installation company.  We specialize in new commercial and residential installations.  In addition, our maintenance department repairs existing roof and rain gutter systems that may not need complete replacement.  Besides roofing and rain gutters we also install stainless steel counter tops for commercial and residential kitchens, custom chimney shrouds, skylights, standing seam metal roofs, custom metal and wood fascia, metal siding, window and door pans, storm drains, radius copper & steel gutters.  We are licensed with the California State Licensing Board, and carry all required insurance and bonds as required by law.


Joel's Roofing & Rain Gutter Co Inc. Wants your business and referral.  But, first, we need to earn it.  When considering the contractor you wish to trust your largest investment to, we have a pretty sizable list of qualifications that when YOU are comparing our service offerings to those of our competitors please consider:

  • Hands-on management by each corporate officer and job foreman.
  • We carry multiple licenses with the California State Licensing Board
    • C-39 Roofing
    • C-43  Sheet Metal
  • A brand new fleet of trucks that don't leak oil on your driveway.
  • Bonded and Insured.
  • Bilingual English and Spanish speaking staff.
  • 5 seamless rain gutter profile machines.
  • Expertise in all types of roof and rain gutter systems.
  • Expertise in all metal products.
  • Working owners who are present on your jobsite.
  • Accept all major credit cards.
  • Competitive pricing. We will beat any other contractor with comparable qualifications.
  • 24 hour turn-around time on your architectural plans.


The main focus of Joel's Roofing & Rain Gutter Co Inc. is to provide high quality work at an affordable price.  With our knowledge and expertise we deliver high quality finished products that other companies in the industry are unable to match.  We select the correct products for each individual job.  We have the latest roofing and rain gutter equipment to enhance all projects.  We specialize in complete research of roofing, rain gutter & sheet metal products and select only the highest quality products for your project, which will provide maximum return on your investment for YOU.